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About Us

Revitalizing Developing Planning

In 2004 a group of experienced professionals in the construction industry established ReDePlan Consultants, aiming to provide high quality consultancy services to both private and public sector.  Today, having delivered hundreds of large and small, complex and simple projects, we continue to pursue service excellence in every task we delivery and provide end-to-end Project Management and Consultancy Services to our Clients.

We are a privately held company, operating as a one-stop-shop for each of our clients, building a long-lasting relationship of trust and repetitive business. Our perspective is that each project should be viewed, planned and delivered in conjunction with its environment, natural, economic and societal. ESG targets, Sustainable Construction and specific project goals should be weaved together in every project, if it is to be successful for today and for tomorrow.

Integrity, Teamwork, Client Focus and Life-long Learning are ReDePlan’s core values, reverberating throughout the project life cycle and for each one of our projects. Our offer spans every aspect of the built environment from Retail, Leisure & Accommodation to Infrastructure.

With each endeavor we are undertaking we are growing, succeeding and getting better, along with our clients, adding value at every step of the way.

Our Vision

We are aiming for the “Environmental, Aesthetic, Operational and Cultural upgrade of the built environment”. We aspire to be a leader and a forefront runner in the built environment industry. Our vision is our cause, and the answer to “Why we exist?”. We strive to deliver projects that have a positive impact for our clients and for their future users. Having delivered a mosaic of projects such as Business Parks and Infrastructure, Retail, Office, and Circular Economy and Recycling we pursue to shape the cities of tomorrow.


Sustainable Development

Pursue Knowledge

Service Excellence

Business Growth

Our People

ReDePlan is its people

Professionals and Engineers of every discipline and with a proven track record in Greece and abroad we are collectively forming the core team of the business rallied by our vision.  We work with the value of teamwork at our core with respect, empathy, and inclusion.

At ReDePlan we believe in continuous learning. We consistently fund all our executives to continue their learning journey through the company with training seminars, skills certification, and course programs.