Investment Strategy in private or public real estate assets and shaping the roadmap of actions needed for successful development, are issues of high importance and increased complexity in the Greek Legislative environment characterized by labyrinthine of institutional parameters. Drawing   knowledge from our wide experience, we provide Advisory Services to both Private and Public sector clients advising on strategy, investment road mapping and acting as Client Representatives on their behalf.

With the experience of our executives, we can add value as an effective technical advisor for every type of development, from the initial stages of preliminary technical due diligence to preparation of investment plans and implementation.

Our advisory services include:

  • Assessment of building codes and potential development – Technical Due Diligence
  • Geospatial identification of real estate characteristics
  • Applications of Urban Planning and Housing Legislation
  • Special Urban Planning Applications / Special Building Regime
  • Property Value Assessment Report
  • Management of Forest Characterization Process (Law 998/1979)
  • Actuarial Acts – Compensation for Town Planning
  • Management of Forced Expropriations (Law 2882/2001)
  • Studies and Services for the inclusion of a property in the Urban Planning regime
  • Assistance in the management and contracting of Real Estate
  • Private Urban Planning / Accommodation / Tourism Investments
  • Preparation of Business Plans