Circular Economy Consultancy

Circular economy has become increasingly important in recent years. Especially, in the broader context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this is the new economic model on which sooner or later we will all be called upon to organize our production and economies. The need for reuse and reduction of waste of raw materials is visible, tangible and imperative.

With the knowledge and experience deriving from environmental legislation and environmental and sustainability entrepreneurship, as well as our 20-year involvement with the administrative scene in the country’s institutions, at ReDePlan offer services to conduct and manage studies for the development of Alternative Management Systems (EPR Schemes).

Additionally, we effectively assist businesses, whether operational or just initiating their activity, in adapting to the requirements of the circular economy and waste management plans.

We have already carried out studies for the establishment of Alternative Management Systems that produce significant environmental work, always based on national and European operating standards.