Privacy Policy


The Company, to comply with Regulation E.U. 679/2016 (GDPR), has issued this privacy policy regarding the protection of people (natural persons) with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

The Company’s Management is committed to the full observance and implementation of the present, which is fully harmonized with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data.

This policy includes the main issues related to the implementation of Regulation 679/2016, namely:

– The Company’s report on your visit to our website:

You are free to visit our website without giving any personal information.

Our Company does not collect personal information of visitors under any circumstances.

Our website uses cookies and for this purpose we have issued a special policy on the use of cookies below.

In case of disagreement of the visitor with our policy, each visitor is at his discretion to stop browsing.

– The keeping and processing of personal data:

Our Company collects personal data of natural persons and stores them for use, without carrying out any other processing, for two categories of its clients in the context of providing consulting services:

  1. A) natural persons who are its direct clients and/or potential clients.
  2. B) natural persons who are contact persons of its legal entities – clients.

It also has at its disposal data of natural persons who are:

  • its human resources,
  • its external partners (suppliers, subcontractors)

The handling and method of storage and retention of personal data is carried out through delimited procedures applied to meet the requirements of harmonization with the GDPR Regulation.

The collection and processing of your data is always carried out with your consent.

Our Company does not transfer your personal data to third parties under any circumstances.

It also does not keep personal data referring to the special categories of sensitive.

We also explicitly mention that for our clients (recipients of our services) who are legal entities, we keep personal data only of the natural persons given to us by them and only for the purpose of managing our communication and teamwork.

Visitors to our website can contact our main email address and be informed either about their own personal data we keep or about how they are kept (contact email: )

– The period for which your personal data is stored

Your personal data is kept for a period equal to the duration of the provision of our services. For this purpose, we have been provided with your data.

In case you have provided us with the data for sending promotional messages, then your data will be kept by us until your decision to unsubscribe from our list.

The data has been provided to us with your full knowledge, after you have completed the relevant form with your consent.

You can at any time contact us electronically at the contact email:  to request the disclosure of your data, to request the deletion of your data as well as to withdraw your consent.

– The application and communication through newsletters

Our Company regularly communicates through newsletters in order to promote its services. The recipients of this communication are our existing clientele, or potential clientele that has contacted us at an earlier stage, has given us with their consent the method of communication and contact details.

Our Company has the right to be able at any time to delete the recipient of our newsletter, as well as the recipient has the right to unsubscribe the recipients list, through our website, or their own written notice.

For any issue that may arise, as well as, for any relevant information regarding the operation of the newsletters, please contact us at the contact email: .

– Our communication through a special form

Our Company has a special contact form on its website in which you can send your message on any topic you are interested in. The management of your personal information is carried out through a specific process of ours, for which you can contact us at .

The submission of your communication through the form of our website essentially means the acceptance of how your data is managed and managed by us.

– Management of IP Addresses

Our Company is not able to identify the IP address through which a computer has access to the internet and therefore to the website.

At the same time, we point out that we do not have a mechanism according to which the browser used asks for permission to download your location.

– Embedding hyperlinks

Our website, using relevant links, may lead you to other useful websites related to our field of services and interests and always with a view to your fullest information on issues related to your interest.

Your transfer through these links to other websites does not imply the Company’s connection with them, nor the adoption of what is mentioned on the websites.

– Personal Data Security

Our Company follows procedures for the complete security of your data and implements mechanisms that prevent data interception. For any issues related to the operation of our website and possible appearance of malware, every effort is made to resolve it immediately.

This policy has been effective since June 2018. This policy may be revised whenever the Company’s Management deems it appropriate.