Project Management

Each project, regardless of being large or small, is viewed under the same Principles of Project management. Our approach is “end to end», interdisciplinary and spans the entire project life cycle from concept design stage to final handover. From the project start to the final delivery, we apply high standard project management tools and techniques to assess project scope and break it down to individual interdependent stages and work phases.

Whether a project is in pre-construction, design development, and licensing (permits) phase, or its construction phase, complex or not, we undertake the management services, identifying together with our clients the project goals.

In an agile and focused way, we adopt modern tools and methods that add value. We establish the procedures for project control, problem solving and change management and together with our clients, we form the project teams that ensure successful delivery.

For every project we:

  • develop the project execution plan
  • identify scope, set up management and communications processes and generate the WBS of the project
  • prepare and monitor an implementation schedule and delivery programme
  • identify the project environment (stakeholders)
  • organize and coordinate project teams
  • manage communication with public authorities / services.
  • generate progress reports
  • establish a change and decision management system.
  • Identify record and manage project risks