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Re.De-Plan SA Consultants (“the Company”) is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information contained on their website.

Visitors to the website are not obliged to register or disclose their data, which may be viewed as personal. It is explicitly stated that no technology or algorithm is used to collect personal information from the Company. The Company is provided with the ability to collect general information data, such as the name and type of the visitor’s browser or the visitor count information of this website for traffic measurement purposes.

The contact form provided to the visitor constitutes a form for collecting personal information only after the visitor choses to do so, for reasons of direct communication with the Company. This form is not the exclusive choice of communication between the visitor and the company, as the other contact details of the company are accessible. The Company uses the information submitted by the visitor in the contact form, only for its own exclusive use and for communication with them. The Company does not provide this information to third parties. The Company is entitled to use the data submitted in the form by visitors, for internal use and for drawing conclusions to identify and classify possible stakeholder groups.

Each visitor to the website who has completed the contact form, reserves the right to contact the Company electronically at the contact email: info@redeplan.gr to request the disclosure of his data, their correction, restriction or deletion.

The data and information contained on the website are the intellectual property of the Company and are protected by the relevant Greek & European (EU) Law. The reproduction, partial or total copying, their invocation  and reference, and any other use for commercial or other purposes is expressly prohibited without the prior notice and explicit consent of the Company.

The Company does not represent, nor guarantee, nor approve, nor assumes responsibility for any external websites which may be linked to this website. Any external website accessible from a link to this website is beyond the control of the Company and visitors may visit them at their own full risk.

The Company’s policies are aligned with the requirements of EU Regulation 679/2016 on the protection of personal data, applying a system of procedures and documentation mechanisms such as policies, directives, etc., covering information security management and personal data protection.

The Company collects personal data of people and stores them for future use in order for them (the people) to be recipients of the consulting services that the Company offers.

Hereby follows the privacy policy of the Company and the cookie policy for this website.

For any issue related to the operation of our website please contact us via email at the following address: info@redeplan.gr